Some tips from advance players on how to play Pokémon Go

With the increasing popularity of the game Pokémon Go, people are now learning tips and techniques from experts or advance players who have now become the master of Pokémon Go. Some people do buy Pokémon Go account to become Pokémon master, but others follow the expert tips.

Here are some tips from advance players on how to play Pokémon Go better and become the master of Pokémon Go.

Well, if you know the basics of the game well and ready to catch them all, you may be thinking of capturing the Pokémon gym in your neighbourhood. Well, the real fun is hidden in playing the game the basic way and not to buy Pokémon Go accounts to make the game easier.

Well, if you are struggling to increase the level of your trainer, start finding stronger Pokémon as they are worth powering up your trainer level. Not all Pokémon you find are stronger.

The quick way to increase the trainer level is to harvest and then evolve a large number of weak Pokémon. The rarest or coolest Pokémon you find are not worth battling as they are not available in sufficient amount to harvest.

Crack a lucky egg to level up faster and later evolve a massive number of Pokémon possible. You will get Lucky egg free if you reach the level 9, 14. Also you can purchase more using real money.

A lucky egg lasts longer to evolve almost 60 Pokémon at a time and they are sufficient for you to earn and reach       3 and 6 trainer levels. Pidgeys, caterpies and Weedles are quite easy to evolve and they just need 12 candies each. You can also use two different devices to log on to same Pokémon Go account in order to evolve the Pokémon quickly.